UGREEN DVI (24+1) Male to HDMI Female Adapter (Black) – 20124

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  • UGREEN DVI (24+1) Male to HDMI Female Adapter (20124).
  • Connects devices with DVI output to HDMI displays.
  • DVI (24+1) male to HDMI female configuration.
  • Supports video signals only (no audio transmission).
  • Plug-and-play design for easy setup.
  • High-quality construction for reliable signal transmission.
  • Ideal for extending display capabilities and compatibility between DVI and HDMI devices.

The UGREEN DVI (24+1) Male to HDMI Female Adapter (20124) is a simple yet useful adapter that allows you to convert a DVI (Digital Visual Interface) signal to an HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) signal. This adapter is specifically designed to connect devices with a DVI output, such as computers, laptops, or graphics cards, to devices with an HDMI input, such as HDTVs, monitors, or projectors.

Key features of the UGREEN DVI (24+1) Male to HDMI Female Adapter (20124) may include:

  • DVI to HDMI Conversion: The adapter enables you to connect a device with a DVI (24+1) male connector to a device with an HDMI female connector.
  • 24+1 Pin Configuration: The DVI side of the adapter has 24+1 pins, supporting both digital and analog signals. This makes it compatible with DVI-D and DVI-I connections.
  • HDMI Output: The other side of the adapter features an HDMI female connector, allowing you to plug in an HDMI cable to connect to your display device.
  • High-Quality Construction: The adapter is built with high-quality materials to ensure reliable signal transmission and durability.
  • Plug-and-Play Design: The adapter is typically plug-and-play, meaning it should work without the need for additional drivers or software. Simply plug it in, and it should start functioning.
  • Support for Video Only: It’s important to note that this adapter supports video signals only. It does not transmit audio signals. If you need audio transmission, you may need an additional audio cable or consider alternative solutions.
  • Black Color: The adapter comes in a black color, blending well with most devices and cables.


  1. Q: What is the purpose of a DVI to HDMI adapter? A: A DVI to HDMI adapter allows you to connect a device with a DVI output (such as a computer or graphics card) to a device with an HDMI input (such as an HDTV, monitor, or projector). This enables you to extend the display capabilities of your DVI-equipped device to an HDMI display.
  2. Q: Can I transmit audio through a DVI to HDMI adapter? A: No, most DVI to HDMI adapters only support video signals. DVI does not carry audio, so you will need a separate audio connection to transmit sound to the HDMI display if required.
  3. Q: Is the UGREEN 20124 adapter bi-directional? A: The UGREEN 20124 adapter is not bi-directional. It can only convert a DVI (24+1) male signal to an HDMI female signal.
  4. Q: Is the adapter plug-and-play, or does it require drivers? A: Most DVI to HDMI adapters, including the UGREEN 20124, are typically plug-and-play and do not require additional drivers or software. Once connected, the adapter should work immediately.
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UGREEN DVI (24+1) Male to HDMI Female Adapter (Black) – 20124
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